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Our third and final Virtual Swim Camp will be held on Sunday, 21st March. As per the other sessions, the session will start at 2.00 p.m. and finish around 3.30 p.m. Having the opportunity to see, speak to, be challenged, listen to experiences and advice and to ask questions from two Olympians is an opportunity to be taken.

Like in session 1 and 2, there will be a short workshop, based around motivation and return to the pool, setting goals, including a focus on many small changes and improvements add up to one big improvement, followed by another land work out session, warm up and flexability etc… and any questions swimmers and parents may have.

If any swimmers wish to join the session please let Marc know so he can include you on the mailing list. It is open to all swimmers from JSD through to Masters.

28th February 2021


This has been well received and the younger swimmers enjoyed their session, if any other swimmer from small pool or from lower junior groups wishes to join in, please email or Text Marc on:

  • Email:
  • Text: 07714 014 062

28th February 2021


It seems like a lifetime in coming, but we’re hoping that the stated re-opening of pools will commence on Monday 12th April. We are awaiting confirmation from our pool providers as to what dates they are likely to re-open their doors, so hopefully over the coming week we will have much more information.

Swim England have posted a time-line to returning, the link for which is provided below. Unfortunately, for the second wave in April, anyone over 18 years old will not be able to return, we are hoping that this group can return in May, including our masters.

With regards to returning to the pool, we envisage the rules and regulations to be the same as before the lockdown i.e. masks, social distancing, queuing distanced, squad swimmers being dropped off (except the younger learn To Swim swimmers), Covid Officers present etc…We’re hoping that new paperwork doesn’t have to be created, as this just creates a paper trail, and has already been completed by swimmers already returned. New swimmers and returning swimmers from last March will have to complete Health Forms etc…from below:

23rd February 2021


Any swimmer returning will also have to re-join the club, fill in a membership form (posted below) and send membership fees electronically via internet banking as we are not wanting to handle cash or cheque. The membership fees do cover the costs of insuring swimmers in and around the pool. Membership forms can be emailed to:


Membership fees:

  • Learn To Swim – £25.00
  • All Squads from JSD upwards – £40.00

Clubs Bank Account Details

  • Account Number: 50922420
  • Sort Code: 20-09-03

Could you please ensure swimmers names are referenced against any payment made.

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you back as possible, it’s been a long time coming and we’re all ready to go!

23rd February 2021


We are hoping to start the Small Pool Zoom session on Friday 26th February. The session will start at 6.00p.m. and finish at 6.40p.m. These sessions will be taken by Heather, a fully qualified fitness instructor and will be age appropriate and fun. The sessions are free to join in, anyone wishing to be added to the mailing list for the Zoom code, please email Marc on:


23rd February 2021


We are well aware that it has been very difficult to keep our Learn To Swim swimmers engaged in any of the Zoom and Virtual activities. It is for this reason that the club have decided to gather interest for holding a Learn To Swim Zoom session for our LTS Programme.

We are very aware that with schools closed (and even when they were open), physical activities have been marginalised and many of our younger members will not have had access to any exercise at all.

Anyone wishing their child to attend a potential new session on a Friday evening, 6.00 p.m. through to 6.40 p.m., please contact either Tim or Marc to be added to the mailing list. Messages will be sent out soon with contact details. Emails may be sent to:

Messages may also be left via our Facebook page.

19th February 2021


Our next Virtual Swim Camp is this Sunday, 21st February. Emails will be sent shortly with the Zoom details. The session will start at 2.00 p.m.

Like in session 1, there will be a short workshop, based around motivation and return to the pool, setting goals, followed by a Heart Raising session and any questions swimmers and parents may have.

If any swimmers wish to join the session please let Marc know so he can include you on the mailing list.

18th February 2021


Many thanks to Swim Swift Elite for their Virtual Swim Camp yesterday. Our swimmers benefitted from their experiences and strength workout, and we even managed to get a few questions in.

Could parents and swimmers please send Marc feeback regarding the camp, these will be passed back to Amy and Joe.

The next camp will held on Sunday 21st February at 2.00 p.m. anyone wishing to join in, please message Marc with your email address so you can be added to the mailing list.

8th February 2021


We are hoping that once the country starts to move out of lockdown, Leisure Centres across the country will also re-open. Like the last opening, we are hoping that we are able to open as per last time and go straight into what we were doing and not go through a phased return. But we shall see.

Swim England are working behind the scenes to try and ensure that our sport is seen as an important part of socities recovery with regards to health and fitness and mental wellbeing.

We are still providing Zoom land based sessions on Zoom, it is open to all of swimmers and is possibly the only exercise which some of are doing or have at our disposal to use. As we’re in lockdown, 40 minutes on a Monday and Wednesday evening is a very tiny portion of our week, keep fit, keep active, keep healthy, Stay Safe!

8th February 2021


We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming back, Swim Swift Elite, who will be joining us for for two Virtual sessions during February. Amy Smith and Joe Roebuck (both ex-Olympians and Commonwealth medalists) will be delivering:

  • 30 minute talk about their stories/staying active during lockdown, overcoming nerves etc…
  • 45 minute workout including warm up’s, injury prevention, swim specific activation.
  • 15 minute Question and Answer session (inc. any parents questions)

The sessions will start at 2.00 p.m. and will finish approximately 3.30 p.m.

We already have a lot of interest for these sessions, could you please let Marc/Ray/Coaching staff know if you wish to be added to the list. This is open to all swimmers from JSD through to Masters.

The sessions will be conducted through Zoom, so email addresses will be collected over the next 4 or 5 days.

Sessions will run on:

  • Sunday 7th February 2021
  • Sunday 21st February 2021 (format will differ slightly from first session)
For more information about Swim Swift Elite, click on the above link

1st February 2021


It is highly unlikely we will be returning to the pool before March. It is for this reason, more than ever, we start to support our Zoom land training sessions. As pools, gyms, and schools are now closed this is possibly the only exercise you’ll have available to you, please take advantage of it. If the grow in size, we’ll provide an extra day.

Sessions take place on:

  • Monday 6.00 – 6.40 p.m.
  • Wednesday 6.00 – 6.40 p.m.
  • Friday 6.00 – 6.40 p.m. (if Monday and Wednesday are well attended)

Anyone wishing to be added to the Zoom email list, please contact Marc or Jason.

16th January 2021


We’ve had delivered our final batch of Warley WASPS commemorative swiming hats. We have an initial batch of 50, if anyone wishess to put one on order for when we return, please let Marc know and it will be reserved. These hats will be £6.00 each.

16th January 2021


During this latest lockdown, we are not able to enjoy any water based activity. We are so, so hopeful that before too long pools may re-open. You will be aware that every year, a large proportion of your Swim England membership fee goes towards comprehensive insurance to cover all your activities connected with the club. It is for this reason that we need to collect your membership fees in the normal way, as they must be submitted to Swim England during February, in order to guarantee insurance cover.

I understand that sessions are currently suspended but hopefully, when they resume your family members will be able to resume their swimming, playing activities. Insurance is therefore essential and will cover you for the entire year.

Thank you for your understanding and forbearance, in these difficult times.



5th January 2021


As you are all now aware, Sandwell MBC has gone into Tier 4 and we are in a local lockdown. It is for this reason that Sandwell Leisure Trust have had to close all their centres. This means that all current club pool activity, for the time being, has to stop until we are allowed back into Tier 3 and below.

Can all members, yet again, cancel their standing orders asap.

Please keep an eye on our social media, we will try and keep it up to date with the latest developments. Meantime, stay safe and keep active!

2nd January 2021


We will be continuing to provide our land based sessions on Zoom. It is open to all squad members from Junior Skill Development through to Masters. If anyone wants adding to the list for the link to the sessions, please message Marc.

Sessions run for 40 minutes and will run on:

  • Monday from 6:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday from 6:00 p.m.

2nd January 2021


The memberships have been set for next year, even though we are in process of merging, these memberships will be carried across to the new club. They will be as follows:

  • Cat 1 (Learn To Swim) – £25.00
  • Cat 2 (All Squads from JSD upwards) – £40.00
  • Cat 3 (Voting members) – £15.00

The Club Membership Form can be downloaded below. All returning members need ro re-submit their forms. This needs to be filled in and emailed to:


Forms should not be given to our Covid Officers. Could ALL payments be made through electronic transfer, we are no longer accepting cheques and due to Coronavirus we would rather not handle any cash. The clubs banking details are as follows:

  • Account Number: 50922420
  • Sort Code: 20-09-03

Please remember to reference the swimmers name against any payment.

Looking forward to seeing you all back safely in the New Year!

28th December 2020


From the New Year, we will be able to re-open our Sunday small pool sessions at West Bromwich Leisure Centre. There will be 2 x 40 minute sessions run:

  • Session 1: 5.00 – 5.40 p.m.
  • Session 2: 5.50 – 6.30 p.m.

The sessions are due to commence on Sunday 10th January. The sessions will be for our current swimmers in Stage 4/4+ at our Wednesday and Friday large pool sessions and any new or swimmers rejoining after the lockdown periods we’ve been through.

We do need to know numbers, so could any swimmers wanting to attend please contact Tim or Marc.

19th December 2020

19th December 2020


We have a limited amount of hats available, 10 in total. If anyone is in need of a new hat, please let Marc know. They are £5.00 each. We are looking at purchasing one last batch of hats before the merger.

15th December 2020


As you are all aware, Sandwell and most of the West Midlands will be re-opening in Tier 3. This doesn’t effect any of our swimmers other than those over the age of 18, excluding those whose 18th Birthday was after 31st August this year. This unfortunately means our Masters will not be able to train until we move back into Tier 2 or 1. Swim England announced this today.

We are hopefull, as everyone is, that we move to Tier 2 sooner, rather than later. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

This Friday’s senior session at West Bromwich will start with Bubble 1.

  • 4th December Bubble 1
  • 11th December Bubble 2
  • 18th December Bubble 1
  • 8th January 2021 Bubble 2
  • 15th January 2021 Bubble 1
  • 22nd January 2021 Bubble 2

This will continue until a) we’re back to normal b) until we merge and squads are allocated same or other pool time etc…

1st December 2020


The results for the Level X competition have now been uploaded onto the Swim England website. We have some highly ranked swimmers in the Midland region, well done all!

Many thanks to all of those that helped with the time trials, officials, chaperones and coaches! The link for the results is as follows:

16th November 2020


You will all be aware of the very precise Risk Assessment which our club is working to, relating to the Covid pandemic.

As of this week, we are obliged to close yet again, hopefully for only a few weeks but, without a specific date on which we can re-open.

Alongside Covid, I ask you to also bear in mind other infections which appear from time to time. These include Influenza, and even the remote possibility of Tuberculosis. If you have cause to suspect that either you or your child(ren) could be infected, you need to contact your G.P. for advice and any further action necessary.

Advice and information may also be found on the Public Health England website

Stay Safe.

Ray Evans

Club Chairman.

9th November 2020


We will shortly be running the new Level X time trial competition, introduced by Swim England to get clubs back into some kind of racing mode. The trials have to be prepared like an open meet or our Club Championships, with the exception they have to be swum in our bubbled training sessions. The proposed Sessions and times are as follows:

Session 1 – Juniors West Bromwich Sunday 1st November

  • 100 IM
  • 50 Butterfly
  • 100 Backstroke
  • 50 Breaststroke
  • 100 Freestyle

Session 2 – Seniors Tipton Monday 2nd November

Strokes/Events as session 1.

Session 3 – Juniors West Bromwich Sunday 8th November

  • 100 Butterfly
  • 50 Backstroke
  • 100 Breaststroke
  • 50 Freestyle

Session 4 – Seniors Tipton Monday 9th November

Strokes/Events as Session 3

Sessions 5 to 8 will be the 200’s, excluding 200 Butterfly. We will also be looking at including 400 Freestyle and 400 I.M.

Junior Skill Development (JSD) swimmers will swim the 100 Ind Medley and 50 Events only, with potentially the 200 Freestyle at a later date.

We will be needing 1 timekeeper per lane and 2 J1’s if available. Times will be recorded on a sheet and handed in once the session has been complete. Times will be uploaded and submitted to the Level X Rankings.

These trials are important and we do expect all the squad members to partake, they will also show us what work needs to be done to get swimmers back to levels they were before lockdown. Missed swims won’t be swam at other locations or times.

25th October 2020


Please could we ask that all swimmers of secondary school age & above (unless in possession of an exemption from the club chair for medical reason) wear a face mask from their entry into the premises until they are at their point of change. They can then be removed to change. Swimmers will then be called by the coach/teacher to their respective swim lane. Upon completion of their swim session, swimmers should change, place on their mask, then exit the premises through the foyer/fire exit.

Masks do not have to be worn to the toilets.

Could we also request that coaches/teachers wear masks and keep this on until the swimmers are in the water & again after the session whilst the swimmers are exiting the water until either the coach/teacher leaves the premises, or the next session are in the water. All spectators and COVID liaison officers are also asked to wear their masks whilst on the leisure centre premises.

6th October 2020


As we are returning to a near normality, we will need all fees to be paid from 1st October as they were Pre-Covid. The fees are as follows:

Learn To Swim

£22.00 per month  for 1 session per week.

£27.50 per month for 2 sessions per week.

£29.50 per month for 3 sessions per week.

Junior Skill Development – £29.50

Junior Competitive Development – 33.00

Senior Transition – £36.00

Senior Performance – £41.00

Masters – £27.50

We will be allocating further pool time as and when it becomes available, the timetables may change slightly as we progress into the next few months.

27th September 2020


The centre is operating a ONE WAY system throughout. Swimmers will enter through the door to the left of reception (when entering the building) and exit via the changing rooms. 


Main Pool

The first group in will go straight on to poolside and put their bags on the spectator side. (There will be markers in place for swimmers to know where to put their things)

When swimmers finish their session they get out spectator side and exit via the changing rooms. Swimmers can use the changing rooms – the cubicles will be available and again there will be markers on the benches to indicate social distancing. We will slightly stagger finish times so that all 40 swimmers (5 x 8) are not exiting at the same time. 

If the weather is fine, new swimmers arriving should not enter the poolside UNTIL the previous group is in the changing rooms, however management have said that if the weather is bad the incoming children will wait on the small pool side of the main pool starting from the deep end. The small pool sliding door closest to the changing room will now be the point of entry into the small pool so will need to be kept clear.  

Children in the pool will climb out spectator side. Collect their bags from spectators and exit the pool by the changing rooms.

Children waiting will then walk around and drop their bags on spectator side and enter the pool. 

 There will then be a one way process on the main pool.

Spectators: There are markers on chairs on the back row for spectators at 1.5/2m intervals. We are only allowing parents of swimmers who are under 10 to remain on poolside and we will insist on only 1 parent per child.   

Small Pool

Swimmers will enter by means of sliding door closest to the changing rooms. 

Walk up the small pool next to the pool windows and wait.

Swimmers will exit the small pool on the side opposite the pool side windows, collect their bags and go to the small pool changing rooms.

Children waiting will then drop bags at deep end and get into the pool.

Females / girls will exit the small pool change by female main pool changing rooms and males / boys will exit via the small pool sliding door which should now be clear. Once again we then have a one way system around the small pool.

Spectators – There are markers on chairs which can be used for spectators in the small pool, but there are only about 10. Parents can stand as long as they maintain social distancing. There will be only 1 parent per child allowed, to minimise the numbers on poolside. 

All new returning swimmers, from squads and our Learn To Swim will have to complete and send in the following two forms:

25th September 2020


We will be undertaking Phase 3 of the clubs return and we plan to start to bring back our Learn To Swim Programme.

The new squad phase 3, venues, times etc…will be effective from 28th September and we hope to start to return our Learners from Wednesday 14th October.

The major change is, we won’t be swimming at Smethiwck Swimming Centre any more, we’ll be based at Langley Swimming Centre. This is obviously NOT a club decision, we have requested a return on a Monday, but this has been refused!

We will still be using Aston, West Bromwich and shortly, Tipton, but we’ll still be on limited time for squads as we try and fit in all of the club, in the time allocated. We are still waiting for any offer of pool time from Wednesbury.

TimeVenueGroupStart Date
Monday7.30-9.30 p.m.Tipton LCAll5th Oct
Tuesday8.00-9.30 p.m.Aston UniAll18th Aug
Wednesday8.10-9.30 p.m.Langley SCAll30th Sept
Thursday7.30-8.30 p.m.Aston UniAll10th Sept
Friday8.15-9.45 p.m.West BromAlt B2 & B12nd Oct
Senior Times and Venues
Jun Comp Dev
TimeVenueGroupStart Date
Friday6.30-8.00 p.m.Langley SCAll (24)2nd Oct
Saturday8.00-9.00 a.m.Langley SCAll (28)3rd Oct
Sunday5.30-7.00 p.m.West BromAll (30)4th Oct
Junior Competitive Development Times and Venues
Jun Skill Dev
TimeVenueGroupStart Date
Wednesday6.45-7.50 p.m.Langley SCAll (35)30th Sep
Sunday4.30-5.30 p.m.West BromAll (30)4th Oct
Junior Skill Development Times and Venues
TimeVenueGroupStart Date
Monday7.30-9.00 p.m.Aston UniMixed28th Sep
Saturday8.00-9.00 a.m.Langley SC1 Lane3rd Oct
Masters Times and Venues
Learn To Swim
TimeVenueGroupStart Date
Wednesday5.30-8.00 p.m.Langley SCStage 1-414th Oct
Friday5.30-7.30 p.m.Langley SCStage 1-416th Oct
Saturday8.00-9.00 a.m.Langley SCStage 1-417th Oct
Learn To Swim Times and Venues

New ‘Bubbles’ and lists are being worked upon. We are going to try and get most of our squad swimmers back now. If anyone doesn’t want a place to be allocated, please let me know as we can allocated to someone else.

We are well aware that Friday Learn To Swim is not ideal, we will trial it and try to build it up as best as we can.

It is likely that fees will go back to monthly, this is to cover the costs of pool hire, charging by session when only half capacity attend means we run at a great loss. Fees will be decided upon soon.

There will be guidance posted for the return of the other squads and Learn To swim. Times of sessions will be 25 mins initially for LTS, trying to avoid crossover with other sessions and also squad swimmers at the centres. All returning swimmers will have to complete and hand in the 2 necessary forms, which can be found in a previous post below. Further, more detailed, information will be released shortly.

23rd September 2020


Our usual Zoom sessions have now come to an end due to having a small amount of pool time given to us. We are re-starting them on Monday and Wednesdays for all squad members, from JSD through to Seniors/Masters. We do expect JCD and Senior swimmers to join in with at least one of the sessions to complement the limited pool time we have, as we don’t forsee anymore pools re-opening anytime soon.

Please contact Marc or Jason with your email address if you wish to be added to to the Zoom list.

25th August 2020


The below video is a walk through of West Bromwich Leisure Centre. It shows the requirements when entering the centre, where to go to place your belongings and getting changed etc…please ensure you watch this video first, before coming to swim on Friday 21st August or Sunday 23rd August.

21st August 2020


The below file is a walk through of Wednesbury Leisure Centre. It shows the requirements when entering the centre, where to go to place your belongings and getting changed etc…please ensure you watch this video first, before coming to swim on Friday 7th August.

5th August 2020


Can we please ensure that all swimmers who’ve said they are returning to the pool have emailed their forms back to Marc asap. There have been over half returned, Marc will start to email out groupings, please be patient, there is a lot of paperwork to go through and a lot of emails to send.

5th Auguist 2020


Sessions have now been finalised and rationalised out. Messages have been sent to swimmers/parents informing you all of what you have available currently. This will change as time goes by and more centrers re-open and we start to return to normality. The first sessions for each squad are as follows:

  • Wednesbury Leisure Centre Junior CD 1&2 7th August 6:00-7.00 p.m.
  • Wednesbury Leisure Centre Senior Group 2 Saturday 22nd August 8.00-9.00 a.m.
  • West Bromwich Leisure Centre Senior Group 1 Friday 21st August 8.15-10.00 p.m.
  • West Bromwich Leisure Centre Junior CD 1 Select Sunday 23rd August 4.30-5.30 p.m.
  • Aston University Senior Group 1 & 2 Tuesday 18th August 7.30-9.00 p.m. then in September 8.00-9.30 p.m.

Upon our return to training, the following must be observed:

  • Swimmers will enter the building at a specified entrance, NO parents will be allowed into the centre. Parents may accompany their child to the entrance.
  • Swimmers will then be registered by the Covid Liaison Officer.
  • Swimmers are to come to the pool ready to swim i.e. costumes under their clothes.
  • Swimming bag will be left at a specified space on poolside (cubicle at Aston).
  • Swimmers must stay in their designated Bubble and lane.
  • After swimming, the swimmers will dry off in their specified space, put on clothes and go home, where possible swimmers are to avoid changing rooms.
  • Parents are to collect their child from the specified exit at the centre used (will be made known once confirmed for each centre).
  • Both the Health Survey and Return To Training forms must be completed and returned to the Head Coach before the re-opening of the club. Otherwise, entry to the session may be refused.

Training will be predominantly Frontcrawl and will be low level aerobic work. There will not be any sprints, race pace, start or turn practice. Overtaking will be allowed as long as it is controlled ie allowing a swimmer to pass at the end of the length. Swimmers will have to observe distancing whilst resting in the water.

Lanes will be split so some lanes will start from shallow, some from deep, this will be determined and relayed via instruction at the first session back.

Equipment Required

Initially, the following equipment will be required:

  • Goggles
  • Hat
  • Drink
  • Kick board
  • Pull Bhoy

We ask that you bear with us, these are unprecidented times, we have had a lot of negociating with providers, between head coaches of the 3 clubs and a lot of planning has gone into what what we have pooled togther. We have taken what we can, where we can. It is all subject to change.

Please feel free to message Marc with any questions.

3rd August 2020