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The below file is a walk through of Wednesbury Leisure Centre. It shows the requirements when entering the centre, when to go to place your belongings and getting changed etc…please ensure you watch this video first, before coming to swim on Friday 7th August.

5th August 2020


Can we please ensure that all swimmers who’ve said they are returning to the pool have emailed their forms back to Marc asap. There have been over half returned, Marc will start to email out groupings, please be patient, there is a lot of paperwork to go through and a lot of emails to send.

5th Auguist 2020


Sessions have now been finalised and rationalised out. Messages have been sent to swimmers/parents informing you all of what you have available currently. This will change as time goes by and more centrers re-open and we start to return to normality. The first sessions for each squad are as follows:

  • Wednesbury Leisure Centre Junior CD 1&2 7th August 6:00-7.00 p.m.
  • Wednesbury Leisure Centre Senior Group 2 Saturday 22nd August 8.00-9.00 a.m.
  • West Bromwich Leisure Centre Senior Group 1 Friday 21st August 8.15-10.00 p.m.
  • West Bromwich Leisure Centre Junior CD 1 Select Sunday 23rd August 4.30-5.30 p.m.
  • Aston University Senior Group 1 & 2 Tuesday 18th August 7.30-9.00 p.m. then in September 8.00-9.30 p.m.

Upon our return to training, the following must be observed:

  • Swimmers will enter the building at a specified entrance, NO parents will be allowed into the centre. Parents may accompany their child to the entrance.
  • Swimmers will then be registered by the Covid Liaison Officer.
  • Swimmers are to come to the pool ready to swim i.e. costumes under their clothes.
  • Swimming bag will be left at a specified space on poolside (cubicle at Aston).
  • Swimmers must stay in their designated Bubble and lane.
  • After swimming, the swimmers will dry off in their specified space, put on clothes and go home, where possible swimmers are to avoid changing rooms.
  • Parents are to collect their child from the specified exit at the centre used (will be made known once confirmed for each centre).
  • Both the Health Survey and Return To Training forms must be completed and returned to the Head Coach before the re-opening of the club. Otherwise, entry to the session may be refused.

Training will be predominantly Frontcrawl and will be low level aerobic work. There will not be any sprints, race pace, start or turn practice. Overtaking will be allowed as long as it is controlled ie allowing a swimmer to pass at the end of the length. Swimmers will have to observe distancing whilst resting in the water.

Lanes will be split so some lanes will start from shallow, some from deep, this will be determined and relayed via instruction at the first session back.

Equipment Required

Initially, the following equipment will be required:

  • Goggles
  • Hat
  • Drink
  • Kick board
  • Pull Bhoy

We ask that you bear with us, these are unprecidented times, we have had a lot of negociating with providers, between head coaches of the 3 clubs and a lot of planning has gone into what what we have pooled togther. We have taken what we can, where we can. It is all subject to change.

Please feel free to message Marc with any questions.

3rd August 2020


We have now been given pool time from SLT, PPF and Aston Uni. We are awaiting confirmation of start dates, the only pool to tell us a start date is Aston Uni, which will be week beginning 17th August.

For fairness, the 3 Sandwell clubs will share pool time as fairly as possible. We have followed Swim Englands guidelines and started from the top downwards. We are hoping that all of our seniors and our Junior Competitive Development squad will get pool time at either, or and the following centres:

  • Haden Hill Leisure Centre
  • Wednesbury Leisure Centre
  • West Bromwich Leisure Centre
  • Aston University

Once we’ve finalised the pool time and allocated the sessions, swimmers will be contacted and offered specific sessions. This will not be negociable as lane setups will be different and the way work will be different, until guidelines change. Once committed to, we do expect attending regular, as potentially, another swimmer could have that place. We will also be working with 2 other clubs, we appreciate the whole scenario is not ideal, so until we’re ‘back to normal’, this short term arrangment is going to have to accepted by all. This first phase of opening is going to very much experiemental and we’ll learn as we go. Hopefully more pools will be opened in phase 2, but we are not expecting Smethwick or Langley to open before September.

Each swimmer has to download, fill in, sign and return a Health Survey and Return To Training form, to the first session they attend, swimmers are not allowed in the water until a survey has been received back. This only has to be filled in once. Our electronic register system will track and trace all attendees at our sessions (this is common practice anyway for squads at Warley WASPS).

There is a lot of hard work going on in the background, there is a lot of negociations and meetings taking place, please bear with us, we are doing our best to obtain as much pool time as we can, for as many swimmers as we can. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

24th July 2020


The Sandwell swimming clubs are all ready for re-opening of centres, with Risk Assessments and Covid Leads in place, but we are currently waiting for dates from all of our providers. Not only dates we are still awaiting the times we will be be allowed to swim. We are aware that SLT will not be opening Langley and Smethwick as part of their first phase of opening and they are now going to assess their situation on a monthly basis, not the weekly basis we were first told. We, as I’m sure you all are too, are pretty disappointed in the lack of information coming from our providers, but hopefully the coming week will prove different.

Please watch this space for updates, and please continue to support the Zoom sessions, as this will keep all in good stead for the much awaited return to the pool.


It has been announced today that swimming facilities may re-open on 25th July (indoor facilities). There will be some kind of phased return and the club will not fully open at once, and it is still possible that depending on the facilities opened by SLT, we will be limited to pool time and also to space. We have undertaken Risk Assessments, which have been handed into the pool operators of all the centres we use. We are planning behind the scenes and the likelyhood is, the first squads back into the water will be upper juniors and seniors, working backwards as time progresses.

Please watch this space as decisions are going to be made on a weekly basis and circumstances will possibly change on a weekly basis.

Welcome all to our new website It’s a little differnt from our previous one, but we’ve tried to keep the menu’s and content as close to the previous one as possible. It’s still under going additional work, so please bear with us during this transition period.