In this section you will find information such as Qualifying Times for various meets, local and National, as well useful information attaining to swimming i.e. publications on strokes and other information booklets.

Swim England Learn To Swim: Stages 1 – 7

Goal Setting is the key to success, it sets out and plans your short, medium and long term goals and how you are going to achieve them.

ASA Sprint Award Times 

This is a fully downloadable and printable PDF version, a Word version can be requested if needed.

This is a fully downloadable booklet which was put together by Marc Soulsby, for the use of parents and swimmers new to the sport or to the club. It is a brief outline of what competitive swimming is and what some of the demands are of the sport, ranging from Club swimming up to National swimming, from training through to competitions. The below attachments are the required pages needed to complete the booklet.

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